Personal pronouns are little words that replace persons or things: he, she, they, it, me, her etc.

Persons/Persona Singular/Singolare Plural/Plurale

1st. person io » I noi » we
2nd. person familiar tu » you voi » you
2nd. person polite* Lei » you Loro » You
3rd. person lui » him loro » them
lei »her loro » them
esso » it (m.) essi » them (m.)
essa » it (f.) esse » them (f.)


In Italian, as well as all the other Romance languages (French, Spanish, etc), all nouns have a gender and a number associated with them.In Italian, l’articolo determinativo has different forms according to the gender, number, and first letter of the noun or adjective it precedes. There are some guidelines that help you to determine what article to use.

For singular nouns: il – lo – la

For plural nouns: i – gli – le 



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